Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mac Sale!!! ***SALE CLOSED

Hi guys! the mac sale is here!

Things to know:

US Only. Paypal Only. Minimum of $10 purchase please. All Sales FINAL. Not responsible for uninsured lost items. Shipping is US 2.50 for small sized packages, US 6.50 for large packages. Insurance is optional for US 1.65. Please PM me your paypal email addy and item orders, and I will send a payment request to you. I won't hold items as these items must go ASAP! I will ship ASAP after payment is received. Once an item is finalized, payment is expected, payer has 24 hrs to pay, so please be prepared to pay when you are requested payment. I have feedback on ebay under the same username crshanburn.

You can contact me by leaving a comment here, by makeupalley under the name crshanburn or at my email:

First come, first serve!!

Mac MSFs & Bronzers
Top: Solar Riche, Soft and Gentle, Gold Deposit(SOLD) $21 each
Bottom: Medium/Natural Shimmer Mineralized Foundation $12 SOLD, Blonde Msf $21

Intenso mineralized blush $12 SOLD

Novel Twist Cool Eyes Palette $8 SOLD

ALL MAC PAN e/s $5 each
(eyeshadows have been properly depotted or bought in pan form)
*sorry the colors are kind of off
*all e/s used at 0x-6x
*there are a few non mac e/s that I depotted too :P

Row 1 (L to R): Paradisco SOLD, Honeylust SOLD, Juiced SOLD, Cranberry SOLD, Da Bling SOLD
Row 2: Samoa Silk SOLD, Pink Freeze, Sunset B. SOLD

R1: Urban Decay Uzi $3 SOLD, Jane Hi Ho Silver $1 SOLD, Beauty Marked SOLD, Club, Bisque(has few side dents)
R2: Bamboo SOLD, White Frost SOLD, Ricepaper SOLD, Contrast SOLD, Texture SOLD
R3: Milani Clover $2 SOLD, Lustreleaf, Cool Heat SOLD, Climate Blue SOLD, Steamy SOLD

R1: Plumage SOLD, Shimmermoss SOLD, Blue Flame SOLD
R2: Jane Brownie Pts $1 SOLD, Urban Decay Maui Wowie $5 SOLD, Milani Flare $2 SOLD, Sushi Flower SOLD, Retrospeck
R3: Dreammaker SOLD, Antiqued SOLD, Urban Decay X $5 SOLD, Gleam, Motif SOLD

Cream color bases: L to R: Improper Copper SOLD, Hush SOLD $4 each
Mac Aquavert $6 SOLD

Mac Sci-Fidelity Lipstick $4

Mac Viva Glam V $3, SOLD
(all lipglosses used few times) Mac Florabundance SOLD, Prrr SOLD, Ample Pink SOLD $3 each

Complimentary extras include pigment samples, fragrance samples, and other goodies!


  1. Hi,
    I would like the Intenso Mineralized blush $12...


  2. I'd like to buy the Viva glam V, cranberry eyeshadow, Sunset B, and novel twist palette.


  3. I'd like contrast, texture, aquavert, plummage hush ccb, florabundance and ample pink.
    My email is I have paypal.



  4. I am so sorry can you replace contrast with steamy. I already have contrast.



  5. adding ur sale to my blog page :

  6. Hi! Im just starting with my MAC collection:)
    I would like to buy:
    -Novel Twist Palette
    -MAC PANS in Sushi Flower, Rice Paper, Contrast, Cranberry, Shimmermoss
    -medium/msf for $12

    Thanks! You can send me the invoice at

  7. Hi,

    Can U buy the following e/s:
    -Urban Decay x
    -Cool Heat
    -White frost
    and cream color bases:Improper Copper

    You can send me the invoice at

  8. Hi there!

    Can I get:
    -Beauty Marked
    -Da Bling



  9. heyy!!!

    i'm interested in:

    Sushi Flower, Ricepaper && Paradisco

    Thanks a bunch!!

  10. Mac Sci-Fidelity Lipstick

  11. hi, you do not sell to canada?? :(

  12. gleam, retrospeck, and pink freeze to USA? how much?

  13. Hi! I would love to order the Bisque and Lustreleaf e/s, though the lustreleaf does use quite used haha :P (good sign, though! Means you liked it!) paypal: thanks!!! :]

  14. HI

    Are the MAC Mythology $5,Mac Sudette Intense Eyes palette: $8, Mac Paint pot in Delft $5,
    Mac Paint pot in Fresco Rose $5
    Still available??